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Ascendiendo (Public Site Work Mock Project) 2021

Overview:  The images shown below are from a project Diana applied to but did not get. Its a concepts that Diana wanted to share as a way to grow and to get herself out there. 

Open Call Description: The clients were asking for either an existing sculpture or a concept for a future sculpture. It was for a temporary display and there wasn't any restriction on materials or size. They just asked to pick one of their few garden locations where the artist wanted their sculpture to be displayed. 

Artist's Project Description: 

The sculpture is called “Ascendiendo” meaning ascending, it is an abstract version of a bird that I designed based on the idea of movement and fluidity. I wanted it to have a feminine yet masculine feeling to it. This work, like many other works I have done, contains leaf like shapes that will tie into your gardens. Ideally this sculpture will be seven and a half feet tall, three feet long, and around two feet wide.

The sculpture would be made from cherry wood. I have experience working with cherry, it is a beautifully grained wood, its tone does expand from being a soft orange red to a yellow orange. Cherry is very rich in color, it stands out because of its warmth. I pictured this sculpture in your Undaunted Garden, based on the description of it on your website. However, when doing my shop drawings, I could not find a good picture of that location, so as you will see in my portfolio I have chosen the area by the Outdoor Kitchen to place my sculpture in. As an abstract piece it will stand out from what is already there, and its shape will compliment the plants that surround it.

As you will see in the ‘Shop Drawings’ there is no detailing. In order to be able to show you every side of the sculpture I had to make a maquette out of oil clay, which doesn’t allow for the same texture as wood. But I do think that carving patterns of the plants that are at your garden will be a nice addition to the piece. The pattern could cover the entire surface or go from the edges and fade inward, or it could only be on the “feathers” of the bird. This is just an addition that I am free to change.

For the instillation, metal rods will be inserted into the feet of the sculpture forming a rectangle. This rectangle will be covered in concrete to ensure that the sculpture does not fall over during the six months of display. Example of it in ‘shop drawings’.

Concept Drawings

Shop Drawings 

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