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Growing Innovation (Public Site Work Mock Project) 2018

Overview:  The images shown down below are from a Public Site Work Project where Diana was asked to create some concept and shop drawings based on the Jacksonville University Roundabout Open Call.  Diana didn't actually submit these ideas to the call but used the information provided by the University to come up with a design that suited the requirements. 

Project Description:


"My proposal drawing, “Growing Innovation”, comes from an outsider point of view with an interest in the history of the town of Arlington. In working on a design, I stayed with in forms that I’m familiar with, while keeping in mind the historical landmark of French Fort Caroline, and the mid-century modern architecture used to build the houses in town. I was also intrigued by the shape of the roundabout itself, since it’s very close to the shapes I already work with. I incorporated all these aspects along with the key points required; being Arlington’s diversity and community stand point.


The final drawings show a sculpture standing 15 feet tall, 9 feet long (from the base), with a expand up to 11 feet. In the design there are six identical leaf like shapes, each one folding down slowly. The incorporation of the transition allows for each shape to look unique and different from one another. The sculpture will be made from fiberglass. There will be a under structure made completely of metal in which the fiberglass will fit in (the shapes will be hollow). The metal structure is designed so it can be attached to the fiberglass since the whole piece will be put down into the three feet of concrete. As for the finish, black paint and gloss will be added, as well as a silicone coat for water resistance. 


Since the shapes of the sculpture are positioned and designed to be different, every single angle will be unique. The change happening inside of the leaf gives it a unique touch and adds to the idea of diversity, since each one is different. This idea comes from looking at some of the French Fort Caroline pictures and understand the importance of it as a place of change and innovation. The color black for the leaves comes from the mid-century modern houses and trying to compliment that look. The glossiness is there to reflect the surrounding area, so the sculpture is not just an addition to the town but is activated by its environment. In addition, there will also be lights inside the gap of the leaves. At night, the sculpture will light up a blue color and move in a way that mimics a wave."

Concept Drawings

roundabout 2.jpg
Side of Design 1.jpg
roundabout 4.jpg
roundabout 3.jpg

Shop Drawings

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