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This section is dedicated to Diana Laura's original and one of a kind sculptures. These are sculptures that Diana will be continuously exhibiting or that have been on exhibition. 

Mini Sculptures

This section contains all of Diana Laura's small copper and wood sculptures. These pieces are original designs that may be repeated. 


This section is for the collection of Diana Laura's commissions, some of the images might send you to Instagram.  Diana Laura is currently taking commissions on copper sculptures and jewelry. If you're interested please fill out a form down bellow. Diana's copper sculptures usually take a minimum of 7 days to create, jewelry can take up to 3 days (plus 2 weeks based on protective coating). However, do to other project, commissions or commitments it is recommended to ask for a commission within two months in advance. Diana currently accepts payments for commissions or any original work, be sure to reach out to us for any inquiries or questions. 


Diana Laura makes varies types of jewelry and accessories from copper and wood. Many are original designs and others are inspired by bands. Some of these items are available in the shop for purchase.