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Tape Deck Heart Re-interpretation     

Materials: Copper plate and Peruvian Walnut
Height: 12.75 inches Width: 12 inches Depth: 1.2 inches 

February 2023


Description: This sculpture is a re-interpretation of Frank Turner's "Tape Deck Hear" album cover. The design was reconstructed from zero, with a new style and composition. It includes the title of the album. 


This piece has a semi textured finished created with an orbital sander and has been polished to a shiny finish. 


Customer's Review: 
I commissioned a piece from Diana, not really knowing what I wanted. All I knew is that I wanted something from this incredible artist. Since I was unsure of what I wanted, we bounced a couple ideas around about what the piece could be. Diana sent me some mock ups almost instantly and was open to any ideas or changes I had or wanted. Once we finalized the piece (a reinterpretation of the cover art from one of my favorite albums) she kept me constantly updated on the progress she was making. All I can say is that I was blown away with the final result. It truly is a one of a kind piece that I’m proud to have on display. I would highly recommend Diana Laura Designs to anyone who is looking for a unique and beautiful gift for themselves or a loved one.

-John B. from Boston

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